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Most commonly in a restaurant’s kitchen, fires will occur because of a problem with the commercial kitchen vent hood. Since the function of the vent hood is to capture significant amounts of greasy and flammable residue, if grease accumulates in the vent, the risk of fire increases. It is vital to keep the vent hood system clean and free of accumulated residue to reduce the risk of kitchen fires.

Other conditions can also cause kitchen fires related to problems with vent hoods. Issues with the replacement return-air fans can cause fires. If the exhaust fan and return-air fans are not working properly and simultaneously then dangerous down drafting can result. This could possibly cause splattering and the return of heat back into the kitchen, which causes burns and even fires.

Fires could also develop in the ductwork of a commercial vent hood system. Inevitably, grease particles may pass through the grease filters and become lodged in the ductwork. This also increases the risk of fires significantly. High volume of cooking heat and grease vapors may lead to heavy grease buildup in the ducts. If heat increases, the grease residue may ignite a fire. The fire is unnoticed until it spreads, which is dangerous and life-threatening to those inside the building. It is important to have a properly installed and designed vent hood system to suppress fires.

Following specific codes and regulations related to proper cleaning and maintenance of a commercial vent hood can prevent a disaster of a kitchen fire and its costly outcome.

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