Commercial Kitchen
Vent Hoods
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Did you know that commercial kitchen vent hoods can take up to 21% of energy in a restaurant? However, it is a necessary piece of equipment in a commercial kitchen, especially when preparing and cooking for hundreds of people a day. Below are a few ways to improve kitchen efficiency and to also save energy and costs in your restaurant establishment.

  • Have your equipment arranged so that they are closer against the wall of the room. By pushing your commercial cooking appliances back towards the wall, cross drafts will reduce and so does the escape of heat and fumes.
  • If there is heavy duty commercial kitchen equipment, place those towards the center of the hood area. This helps prevent smoke and fumes from escaping towards the outer edges of the vent hood.
  • Similar-duty appliances should be placed under another vent hood; separate from the heavy duty appliances since they require higher energy use. This method will reduce energy consumption overall in the kitchen.

These changes listed above could save you up to 60% on costs while also increasing good air flow in your kitchen area and building.

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